■ Residences
■ Offices
■ School building
■ Bridges
■ Stairs
■ T Canopies and shelters
■ Multi-storey car parks
■ Pedestrian walkways

Chemical pharmaceutical industrial

■ Single-storey and multi-storey warehouses
■ Mezzanines and stairs
■ Skid for various types of systems
■ Piperack lines
■ Reactor support structures
■ Structures for conveyor belts
■ Basements
■ Lifting products: hoists – forks – bins (according to EN 13155 / EN 14502)

Agriculture and food field

■ Support structures for storage silos
■ Agricultural sheds
■ Greenhouses
■ Stables


■ Industrial sector:
steelworks, blast furnaces, chimneys,
piezometric towers, wind turbines,
thermoelectric plants, etc.
■ Civil sector:
bridges and viaducts, buildings,
sports facilities (stadiums, buildings sportsmen, etc.),
■ Nuclear sector

Automatic warehouses

Design and executive design of self-supporting warehouses of various types, complete with the development of the front and rear heads and all the ancillary works necessary for the storage system.