Structural design

Structural design

Preliminary analysis

Precalculation of the structures and estimate of the quantities for budget evaluations. In this phase, simplified calculation models are created that allow the definition of structural profiles and the thicknesses of any components in reinforced concrete. This allows our customers to make correct economic offers. Such offers are generally also accompanied by simplified structural diagrams provided by us. This phase, for our most loyal customers, is usually free.

Final design

The structural design is, in this phase, carried out in a more detailed way. At the end of the analyzes, the structural profiles and the concrete components are exactly identified. Typical structural nodes are also designed and the types and quantities of reinforcement in reinforced concrete are defined.

Detailed design

Every aspect of the project is analyzed and defined. At the end of this phase, the project is ready to be built on site (in the case of reinforced concrete structure) or sent to the steel constructor for the manufacturing and subsequent assembly (in the case of steel structures).